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About Us

The Mulwade Foundation is a new charity that supports a specific group of people that have contracted HIV through deliberate or reckless HIV transmission by another. These people may come from all walks of life, backgrounds and communities, but they all have one thing in common: they have contracted HIV in a situation where they can’t reasonably be held accountable for doing so. In other words, it’s the actions or behaviour of another that put them at risk.

This might be through a sexual partner who has known about his or her HIV status but not revealed it, or through rape. It also includes people who have been deliberately and maliciously infected by another.

Whilst medication has advanced considerably in recent years, contracting HIV is still life changing. Those living with HIV can still suffer serious ill-health, anti-retroviral drugs can have side effects, and there is still a huge degree of stigma attached to the disease.

Contracting HIV in any situation is traumatic. Doing so because of a partner’s deception or through rape is arguably even more so. We provide support by welcoming those in need into our Mulwade family, guiding and providing information to assist through these challenging times.

Whilst we are a London-based charity, we transcend borders, reaching out to other charities in the United Kingdom and across the globe to support sufferers of these crimes through free counselling, support and guidance.